Howdy, y’all!

In dark times across the world, we wanted to brighten up your day! So we are announcing a giveaway! You have the chance to win a donkey in-game, an extra horse slot, and most valuable of all… a roll of toilet paper

The ways you have to win these three prizes is;

1. Invite friends to the server! These friends must tell us when they join who invited them, and will not count unless they rank to greenhorn. One friend invite = one entry

2. Spend $15 on our donation store! For every $15 you spend, you will receive one entry! This means if you spend $38 in one purchase, you get 2 entries.

3. Make a post on social media and tag us in it! Only one post each day will be counted and must include #Ranchncraft as well as our tag. One post = one entry.

Extra Info: There is no closing date yet, but this contest will be open for at least two weeks! Entry conditions may be changed but any entries up til the change will be counted. Social media entries only count on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Toilet paper prize may be discontinued if the world runs out first.