Happy New Year ranchers!

Firstly, we have counted up our yearly count of new player statistics. For those unaware, Volunteers+ track the name and some info of every new player who joins RnC. We’ve been doing this since early 2018 and we love looking at the stats and comparing to previous years!

Here’s a brief summary of this year’s information:

  • New Players Joined:
    • 2018 – 8711
    • 2019 – 19792
    • 2020 – 23400
  • Option Selected in 2020:
    • Claimed 15571
    • Didn’t Claim 3206
    • Didn’t Want 1451
    • Never Started 1932

Secondly, we have updated our spawn! Feel free to check it out, but do bear in mind there is more to come such as Shopkeeper NPCS (we know you all love that Blacksmith!), Quest Crates, new player housing, and a new mall. Visit at /spawn.

Thanks for another amazing year everyone, and we wish everyone a happy and joyous 2021!