No longer are the days where we have to listen to Siren rattling off current horse bids at the auction house! Now, users can enjoy browsing horses for sale without EVER having to leave their house! Need to downsize your ever-growing heard? Reach all users & all timezones; no matter when you log on!

Using it couldn’t be simpler! To browse horses, simply type /h market and browse through pages of horses up for sale. Find one you like? Click it, Confirm, SOLD!

We all hate to see horses go, but sometimes, they are not a good fit, the herd is growing too quickly, no more time, or maybe you’re doing it for profit! Whatever, the reasons, All you have to do use the normal sell command and forego the IGN. For example, if I’m selling a stallion for $35,000, I would simply do /h sell 35000 when the horse selector box pops up, simply click the horse you wish to sell and WAH LAH!

We are really excited about this feature and we hope you all are just as excited! See you, in-game ranchers!