Horse Rules

These rules pertain to our HorseRPG plugin and use of these horses.

  • No AFK/glitch training horses.
    Leveling horse(s) in any way that is not sitting on the horse and riding him/her on the minecraft ground/world with your hands on the keyboard is not allowed. The use of specially placed blocks to make leveling faster is also not allowed. If you find glitches that allow you to train horses faster, notify a staff member.
  • Horses must sell for a MINIMUM of 20,000 in-game money.
    Horse prices are set at this minimum to keep our horses valuable and the economy stable. Any player that tries to get around this rule will be dealt with appropriately. 
  • Do NOT claim or attempt to claim ‘wild’ horses or NPC horses.
    Doing so can cause issues with the HorseRPG database and might result in your losing all of your horses.
  • Do NOT list horses on the market with the intention of freeing up horse slots.
    Horse market is intended only for horses that are being sold. Listing horses for unreasonably high prices so that no one will buy them and you can open up some of your horse slots is against our rules.