What are server shows? Read below for rules, some FAQs and a summary of how the show days will be run!


  1. You may only enter one horse per division at the server show in the week
  2. You may not use any sort of potion to boost your horses swiftness/agility during the show
  3. Only one person can ride each horse at a show
  4. No cheating of any kind. If you’re found to be cheating you will be disqualified.
  5. You may only participate once in each division each week (either on the Saturday or Sunday show day)
  6. Be respectful to other players and their horses.



 What are server shows?

Server shows are server-wide horse shows that will run on a weekly basis. The horse shows are based off real-life disciplines from the English and Western riding styles. They will run in seasons; each season will include 6 Western shows and 6 English shows over the course of 12 weeks. If you place at a show you will earn points and at the end of each season the top riders of each style will participate in a rodeo (Western) and an eventing show (English) where the 6 highest scoring players will earn prizes. Western and English shows count point separately.

 How do points work?

If you place in a server show you will earn points. The better you place, the more points you will earn. 

1st place – 7 points

2nd place – 5 points

3rd place – 4 points

4th place – 3 points

5th place – 2 points

6th place – 1 point

At the end of each season (12 shows) the top riders of each style (Western/English) and division will participate in a rodeo (Western) and an eventing show (English) where the 3 highest scoring players will earn various prizes, with the champion of each division/style winning a title.

 What are divisions?

Each show is divided into 4 divisions based off your horses swiftness stat. All divisions participate in the same show however they will be placed (1st, 2nd, etc.) separately. The divisions are divided as follows: 

Division 1: 0-25s

Division 2: 26-50s

Division 3: 51-75s

Division 4: 76-100s

 ***You are able to pause the leveling of your horses swiftness/agility/groundwork stat with the command /h pause <StatType> <HorseName>

 When will server shows take place?

Server shows will take place on Saturdays, 2pm EST vet check and 3pm EST start time, as well as Sundays, 4pm EST vet check and 4:30pm EST start time if you are unable to make the Saturday time. You may only participate in one of the shows  each week as they will be scored together. Any time changes will be posted on the board next to the event arena bridge in game and in the #ranch-n-comps channel on our Discord.

Where will server shows take place?

Majority of server shows will take place at event arena (right side of /spawn). On the occasion they’re being hosted elsewhere it will be posted on the event arena board and in #ranch-n-comps on the discord.

 What kind of shows should you expect to see?


  • Barrel Racing
  • Pole Bending
  • Trail Racing
  • Reining
  • Cow Roping
  • Cliff Racing
  • Rodeo (‘Grand Champs’)


  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping
  • Cross Country
  • Flat Race
  • Hunter Jumping
  • Steeplechase
  • Eventing (‘Grand Champs’)

    **There will be books for sale in the library within the next few weeks at spawn outlining how to compete in and how each show is judged. The upcoming week’s event book will also be for sale at the info board next to the event arena bridge.

 Show Day Schedule

To enter into the server shows you must drop a piece of paper into the appropriate hopper (to the left of the event arena bridge) with the horses name, your IGN, and the horses swiftness level on it. Entries close on the Saturday and Sunday of the show 1 hour before vet check opens. A $100 show-fee for each division a rider chooses to enter will have to be paid to the host before taking their turn in the show.

 All horses must see the vet prior to participating in the show to ensure they are injury/illness free as well as up to date on their vaccines. If your horse is found to have an injury or and illness they will be unable to participate in the show until they are treated and fully recovered. Vet check opens 1 hour on Saturdays, and half an hour on Sundays before the show is scheduled to start.

 The shows will begin with division 1 at its scheduled start. If there is any practicing to be done it is suggested you do so before the start time. There is no guarantee you will have time to practice in the show arena once we’ve begun.

When it is your turn to go your IGN will be called over broadcast. If you miss your turn there will be a last call before starting the next division, if you still are not present you will lose your spot in that division. 

 Placings will be announced in game over broadcast and in #ranch-n-comps on discord for ALL divisions at the END of the show on Sunday. Total points for the season can be viewed in the Show Standings

 If you have any questions about the server shows you can PM Jo#3626 on discord or /mail send moonstruckmoth in game.