As we get closer and closer to 3.0 launch we have decided to start the process on horse transfers and Buycraft updates.

You will see an “Old RnC” tab. This is where all purchasable items will be for the server you are CURRENTLY (12-21-18) playing on. All other tabs and items are for the new server.

We would also like to suggest to users that we start calling the current playable server “Old RnC” and the new 3.0 server “new Rnc” until the transition is over. This will help both you and staff when 3.0 is live better understand one another when trying to get help. We feel it’s best to get the habit of knowing which server you’re on ahead of time to save on confusion later.

Horse transfers are now able to be completed. Magnum and other staff will ensure that your horse is safely and securely loaded up into the horse trailer and will be safely transported to your barn when the time comes. Please read the info below and provided for you on the Horse Transfer application.

  • You may transfer ONE horse for FREE all others must be donation item only.
  • Do not change your horses’ name after you submit your application.
  • You may edit your application and horse stats until told otherwise. (Still, refer to point above)
  • If extra horse transfer is purchased please use the Buycraft info to input the dates of your transfer. Buycraft username is a MUST! No username, no transfer.
  • Any horse your transfer will be lost WHEN THE TRANSFER HAPPENS. you may still continue to use your horse until told otherwise.
  • Link to Horse Transfer application here

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