After some suspicious tracks appeared, we decided to follow them and see what we’d find…and well, these little rascals have made it all the way back here to Ranch n Craft! The herd just arrived on the server today! What a nice Christmas surprise!

However, you should know that there are only 25 zebras! If you want to take one back to your stables this holiday season, you’ll have to act fast. Once all 25 zebras have found their home, you’ll have to wait and see if more find their way to RnC in the future.

Zebras will be live on the donation store at 9am EST.

Keep an eye out for the “Zebras” category on the main page of the donation store! Once that appears, click on it, and inside you’ll find the zebra available for purchase. They will be $25 usd each, and are rideable, trainable, and useable just like your other horses!