We first would like to say a HUGE congrats to Luna & Jo for their promotions this month! We are so blessed to have these two on our ever-growing team! Luna is one of the “oldest” Ranch n’ Craft users who became staff long ago. She has stood by RnC for more than half of its existence. If you look at anything going on inside RnC Jo most likely has her hand in it in one way or another. She is always stepping up, helping out, reminding staff (including myself, (Trev) ), She also is actively running the Round-Up which new editions come out monthly! Don’t forget to say congrats to both amazing ladies!

This month, we had all kinds of stuff going on! Staff promotions, Zebras, Dev Jordo fixes, Riddles, and of course, Gemronimo!

Zebra adoptions will be closing soon so if you want one, be sure to grab them while you can!

Jordo lowered the vote count allowing for more money in your pockets! Vote crates also now have more rewards added in.
Those who were limited by the friend’s list will be happy to know, that it is now working as intended, with ranks receiving those extra friend slots!

Riddle me this! Fun quests can be found at NPCs located in or around spawn, housing communities, and warp locations. Once you’ve done all 14 riddles, which takes a minimum of 14 days, you’ll get the reward, and able to start the next ‘set’ of riddles.

If you missed the stream last week, Trev, Siren & several others were live talking about the future of Ranch n’ Craft and how they were expanding and adding a mobile game that incorporates and is based around the server and characters found there.

This is still in development and you can find more information about it here!