Store is now open

Please read all of the information provided to you here before you make a purchase. 

The new store layout will be changing over the next few weeks. The current look is boring and basic. This was to get the store back up as quickly as possible. This also includes several other pages that come with the new system. Don’t worry, we will have it lookin’ fly in no time! 

We are no longer using Buycraft and have switched over to woocommerce. This goes directly into our website, which uses WordPress and is a standard in most WordPress e-commerce business websites.

We had to switch due to the way Buycraft and PayPal are now communicating with one another. They are aware of the problems and the only fix is to do an application (which I have) and wait 1-10 days to be approved/denied. That being said, I decided to stop relying on and paying other companies to do the same thing we could and are now, doing. 

You will not need to do anything differently if you already have an account on the Ranch n’ Craft website. If not, simply visit the website and click “Sign Up”. That’s it!

PayPal is still the main gateway, however, you can use other payment methods as you were able to before. We DO NOT recommend you checkout without entering your IGN. It should ask you, if it doesn’t, you may have to use the “Checkout” button (which you should be using anyway) instead of the “PayPaL” button. 

New Rank purchases have been disabled for now. We are working with the developer to help us create a plugin to do subscriptions and bring them back. 

If you purchased a rank on Buycraft (meaning you currently have one) this will not affect you yet. Buycraft will continue to bill you and your rank will continue to stay as normal. We have no plans on ending those but will encourage you to switch to the new system when the time comes. I will provide more information on that when the time gets closer. 

Gift cards have changed with the new system as well. No longer are the days of having to remember card codes. Gift cards will now allow you to add onto an existing card and other ways to manage various aspects of your gift card(s). You can spend it, or save it, your choice!

If you have gift cards on Buycraft and can show proof of them (provide card number), we will credit you those on the new system. Please put in a help ticket and be patient. This goes for staff members as well. If you don’t have any to turn in, Tyshow will provide you with one when your payments are next due.

The new store has a few new features as well. You have a profile that will show you your past purchases, subscriptions(on a new system only), and gift card options. Feel free to look around and explore. 

As we grow, we have to learn how to manage the shop more Proficiently. We have now added a private Discord channel that will notify staff of donations made and a brief summary of those purchases. This allows ”Shop Managers” to quickly verify purchases for those times that the server wants to misbehave. 

Shop Managers are staff members of various ranks who can help you with your missing items, refunds, or gift card issues. Don’t worry about finding them, they will find you.  It will take us another day or two to get them all settled in, but they will be here ready to help asap.

Shop keepers can not see any payment details, this also includes any other staff member. All of that is handled by PayPal and woocommerence. The only information they provide us is a name, email, address (if added), IGN, and the details of the order. Items, costs, and payment method.   

If you experience any issues, find grammar mistakes, buttons not working, or alike, please send me a DM. Do not flood the help channel pleaSe. 

People who currently have missing items, we will be going through those tickets ASAP. Thank you for being so understanding and patient. 

Numerous tests have been done and the store is functioning properly. Just in desperate need of a makeover. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read this