Giddy up, it’s almost time to go! Ranchers, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…New RnC featuring our brand new and improved custom horse plugin; Into the Saddle version 3.0.
We have all worked incredibly hard on this and we are SO excited to let you all experience it! Into the Saddle version 3.0 will be yours on January 4th.

 Sheriff and Deputies grab your holsters and your horses! On Jan 4th, you partner, get to ride into 3.0 a day earlier than the rest! You will be the first to experience our brand new custom horse plugin Into the Saddle 3.0. Some of the new features you will get to play with are:



Horse registry

New horse breeds

Rider level

Level boosters


Traits (mythical, lazy, energetic, quick learner, glutton, bad student)

Horse profiles


New breeding + foal feature

Additional cosmetic items (ex: kits, foal feed, vet voucher)

 All ranks for New RnC are available for pre-purchase now on the donation store! You can view ranks here and all their perks are included in descriptions. If you pre-purchase one of these ranks you can save between $3-$10 on your purchase! This offer is only available until 3pm EST on January 4th; afterwards, they will return to regular price.

 On January 5th at 4pm EST, New RnC will be open to all users. To access it you can simply type /newrnc or /rnc in chat to be teleported! Old RnC can be revisited with /oldrnc. All players starting on New RnC will be given the choice to participate in the training academy! This is designed to introduce you to the basics of the new plugin and help you get started. If you chose to transfer a horse you will not be allowed to claim one on New RnC; if you did not transfer a horse you will be given the option to claim a brand new horse. You’ll be assisted by staff to begin your journey and, as always, we will be available to help answer any questions through server chat or our help channel in discord.

 If you have any questions please refer to the FAQ for New RnC.  If you don’t find the answer to your question here, you can visit our discord help channel!

 Finally, we are excited to share with you that we have already begun planning and creating even MORE new features and content for everyone. In the future, you can expect many expansions; not just for our horse plugin! One of our extended projects was our new website which you’re viewing right now! Another is an official Ranch n’ Craft Wikipedia that we can now share with you! You can find information about many, if not all, parts of the server there!

Special thank you to this version’s developers, Maruf Magnum and Axel; we could not have done this without you! Another huge thank you to our Founders and Owners for directing this project, and our Alpha/Beta testers. But most of all, thank you to all our staff and players for contributing ideas and supporting Ranch n Craft as it grows and changes.