HOWDY Ranchers!

Ranks have been added to the donation store once again. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BEFORE YOU PURCHASE

Any new ranks are now, set to a “one-time” donation. This means, that each month, you will need to come back and repurchase each month you want to keep that rank. Your days WILL ROLL OVER if the same rank is purchased before your 30 days is up. For example, If you paid for Rustler on the 1st of January and then again on the 15th of January, 15 days later, you would have a total of 45 days accumulated. Rather than it just ending on the 30th day from purchase date.

If you decide to upgrade your rank, we advise you to wait the 30 days (you can ask Admin+ if you are unsure on purchase date.), Otherwise, you will have both ranks until the lower rank’s day’s are used up.

If you still have a buycraft rank (you currently have a rank), you may choose to continue with the one you have, or cancel and use the new ones. The choice is yours. Tutorials on how to cancel subscriptions on Buycraft and PayPal will be provided below this post.

Ranks coming from the new store will also be included in the store sales. Allowing you to add up days when it SAVES you money.

I have had questions about gifting to others for the holiday season. This can be done by simply adding their Minecraft username instead of your own in the required field before checkout.

Buycraft/Tebex Unsubscribe tutorial:

Paypal Unsubscribe Tutorial: