Hey y’all! If you follow our social media, you’ll have seen we have been down for the last 36 hours. Do not fret! We are coming back, and we are coming back soon!

A planned restart went wrong, partially due to the hacker incidents of late, mixed with some other issues. We have taken this time to fix some other problems on the server, hence why it has taken a bit longer then normal!

However, due to these issues that means we have unfortunately lost about a month worth of data. We will be doing all we can to keep you updated on exactly what data has been lost and how we plan on helping everyone recover it. Please feel out this attached form if you have bought/spawned/bred ANY horses since 8th March: https://forms.gle/9Xa3j1xrbpsQquFY7

For now, thank you for your patience with the staff team, we really have appreciated it, and we hope to get RnC back up and running soon!