Staff Rules


  • The staff is here to help and guide users in their Ranch and Craft journey. The staff is also here to ensure the safety and well-being of each and every user that logs into our wonderful server. However, we can get extremely busy at times and we ask that you the users understand this and be patient when you are in need of help.

    Staff, depending on rank, can:

  • Visibly, invisibly, or using any disguises, follow any online player for any amount of time, with just cause and proof of just cause only.

  • Ban, IP-ban, kick, demote, mute, or otherwise punish or remove rights from any player caught or deemed breaking the Ranch n’ Craft website or server rules. Additionally, any players with a record of two or more bans for griefing is subject to a permanent ban from our server.

  • Inspect any location, build, chest, inventory, and a furnace for any amount of time, with player consent, or just cause and proof of just cause.

Staff, depending on rank, can NOT:

  • Discriminate any player based on experience, knowledge, age, race, sexual orientation, or language.

  • Abuse any granted powers for one’s own self-interest.

  • Promote any player above the rank of [VIP], unless specifically granted permission by a majority vote or from Trevor, Tyshow, or Jordy, specifically.

  • Give players any items, commands, game modes, or special abilities not immediately granted by the player’s current rank.

  • Disclose personal or private information about any player, including, but not limited to Internet Protocol (IP) address(es), name(s), location(s), and other non-public information the player wishes to remain private.


  • Follow the same rules and guidelines as any other user.

  • Read the website on a daily basis multiple times a day.

  • Read all of RnC Staff chat on a regular basis.

  • Read the Ban appeals forum on a daily basis.

  • Be aware of how they portray themselves to the users and the server.

  • Post when they jail using the appropriate form.

  • Post sufficient evidence any time they punish a player in any way.