Staff Rules

Our staff members main role is to support users during their time on RnC. They are also responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of all members of our community. 

Depending on rank, staff can:

  • Visibly, or invisibly follow any online player for any amount of time, with just cause.
  • Ban, IP-ban, kick, mute, jail, or otherwise enforce rules on any player found to be breaking them.
  • Inspect any location, build, chest, inventory, etc, for any amount of time, with player consent, or with just cause. 

Staff can NOT:

  • Discriminate any player based on experience, knowledge, age, race, orientation, English-skill etc.
  • Use any staff powers for self-interest.
  • Give players free items, commands, gamemodes, or special abilities not granted by the players current rank.
  • Disclose any personal or private information about a player, including but not limited to IP address(es), name(s), location(s), etc.

Depending on rank, all staff MUST:

  • Follow the same rules and guidelines as any other user.
  • Be aware of how they portray themselves to both users and other staff members.
  • Keep up to date with staff chats and server updates.
  • Read and respond to ban appeals as they are posted.
  • Post in the appropriate document when they jail a player.
  • Post sufficient evidence any time they punish a player.