Helping test the server is both fun and hard work. Your dedication, or lack thereof, directly affects the entire server and its users after testing. That being said, we have made a list of rules and guidelines that we would like for you to follow. By clicking “I Agree.”, you are stating that you read, and will follow, the rules and guidelines set in place You are also agreeing that if you do not follow, or you break any of the rules, you will be removed from the test server and depending on the offence, may be banned from RnC.


You may not discuss the details of the test server with anyone. You may say that you are testing, and having fun, but any details that are NOT publicly known may not be discussed. This WILL get you BANNED.

If you find or experience a bug, it MUST be reported if not already done so by checking the bugs list. (Will be given to you upon acceptance). Not reporting an issue will also get you removed from test group and banned on server. We see this as cheating and will not be tolerated.

All rules and guidelines that are put in place for Ranch n’ Craft MUST be followed; Unless otherwise told to do so by staff.

Perms may be given to you on a temp basis. ANY/ALL perms may be removed for any reason at any time.

All items, builds, horses, etc ARE NOT YOURS TO KEEP. They will be removed before we go live. Please note, you are there to test the server, not building!

Vets and Students will be on the server as well. They have the first right to be wherever they need to be. If you see them, leave them be. They are learning. If you are a distraction, you will be asked to leave.

If you have questions, ask!