3.0 has been live for well over a week now. We have found a few bugs, as some of you are aware. Good news, we are already working on 3.1 You can read more on that further down the post.

Now looking for more trail guides!

Up until now, we have done them as a staff vote from players we recommend, but we notice that some people who are really helpful are slipping through the cracks! Due to this, we are trialing applications for the Trial Guide role. There is not a limit as to how many can be accepted, and you will not be fighting against others for limited Guide places at the end of your trial. Players with previous warns/mutes/bans will also be considered, depending on the severity. For those interested please fill out an application.

3.1 Info

As promised, I am doing my best to keep pushing new exciting content. I am really excited to announce some of the changes coming in 3.1. As stated above, we are already starting on 3.1 A new developer should be selected in the next few days. Work on 3.1 should begin immediately after that. You can expect to see 3.1 in late March 2019. This is ASSUMING all goes well.

  • Bug fixes
  • New Traits
  • New Stat
  • Change to feeding
  • Vets Revamped
  • Users can become vets
  • Energy Usage Adjusted
  • Lockable levels
  • & MORE!
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