As a veterinary on Ranch n Craft, not only are you responsible for the health of the horses on the server but you now carry a role that represents our server! Vets are not considered staff. Although you have commands, vets are trusted users of the community who have had an interest in healing the servers horses. They are expected to uphold a certain standard and must follow the rules and regulations stated below.

Tuition Costs/options:

Non-Staff members 100k In game money

Staff Members: 50k in game money

Studen Loan: 115K. You pay back with eco over time


  • If you have a staff rank, your staff duties come before your vet clients.
  • You must maintain a professional attitude at all times.
  • You must maintain an average online weekly online times of 8+ hours a week.
  • You understand that we may remove you from the vet role for any reason.
  • You agree that you will not use the commands for self-gain. You also agree that if caught, you will be removed from the rank, your horses will be deleted, and you will start all over. We do not take cheating lightly.
  • You must charge each player BEFORE you treat or vaccinate a horse.
  • You must charge at least the minimum price for treatments, revives, and vaccines.
  • You must treat each horse and client equally. Despite personal issues.
  • You may treat up to 3 of your horses for free as long as you keep your vet title. All other treatments must be purchased from another vet. We will check vet commands; You will get caught, and we will remove your rank, and temp ban.
  • Play along with the user if they are more involved with their pixel horses than others. It will make them feel good and who doesn’t like to feel like a little kid at heart from time to time.
  • You need to check and triple check medical reports. You MAY NOT use the treat a horse command until the user has paid in FULL.
  • You must be able to listen/watch screen share or voice-calling lessons on discord. Using your microphone is not needed.
  • Responding to and reading discord messages and mentions is required.

    By filling out and submitting the application below you are agreeing to all rule and regulations stated above.