Some of you may recall a Feedback Form we did earlier this year, and we wanted to update you on the changes we made with your feedback! At least 61% of you said you found us via Google, so we’ve launched more advertisement campaigns on the website so even more can find us!

We have also reimagined our support chat after feedback saying calls went unanswered, now we have it discord based, and players don’t even need a discord account to get help there! You can connect as a guest using the “help” option on the navigation menu! It also means there are a lot more people available to lend a hand.

We’ve edited the website to be even easier for your use, and fixed issues with the donation store and it sending items. Additionally, we added claim blocks to our donation store, along with more spawn eggs, and cheaper prices on some items for y’all. We looked into the subscription without PayPal, but for protection both for us and for you, it was impossible to implement.

Many of you worried about being unable to run a Mod, so we changed our Horse RPG Mod back to a plugin, so no downloads needed! If you’re interested in knowing what to expect in the 3.0 update coming very soon, keep an eye out for Beta Livestreams on the Official Ranch n Craft Youtube Channel! We worked on staff coverage of certain timezones, and now have much better coverage over Australian evenings/British daytimes.

And finally, we’re beginning to implement our new, custom made Classes plugin so we can host more events and classes on how to do horse events! We’ve added jousting and some chase me charlie events too! We’re hoping that these changes really help improve the server, and thank you so much for all your responses! We will be opening our NEW feedback form shortly, so anything else you think we’re missing out on, let us know!

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