Time for our Big Anniversary Giveaway! Now, the last couple of years, we’ve given away 100/100 horses. This time, we’re giving away something even cooler (well, we think). You could be in with a chance to win a ZEBRA on RnC. There are several ways to enter, so it’s fair for all!

1. /mail send BritishBonnie your ign! That simple! Only mail ONCE as you can only get one entry this way.

2. Win a staff hosted event! ANY official server event where you win 1st place gets you an entry!

3. Invite a player to RnC! By doing this, both of you get TWO entries into the draw!

4. Post FIVE pictures (must be posted in the same ‘message’) into #ranch-n-pics for one entry.

5. Post or comment on our forums! Each post/comment gets you ONE entry.

6. Tag us in a post on instagram! Make sure to include your IGN somewhere so we know who you are! Each post = 1 entry.

7. Finally, ANY purchase using money on our donation store will get you ONE entry per purchase!

Good luck to all of you! This competition is open until NEXT Sunday 6pm EST, 11pm GMT, 10am AEST. Anyone may enter, anyone can win. Get entering now!